Friday 10 March 2006, 8.00pm until 11.00pm

Bending Technology, Novel Instruments

Bending Technology presents an evening of performances by artists who employ unusual soundmaking techniques. 

7000 DirhamsNon Ferrous Prostitution, a puppet show flicking between early 20th century film, music and early 21st century;
I Am The Mighty Jungulator dispatching the fast response unit for a deft slab of virtuoisic sample mixing – (junglist/psychefolk/krautrock/charity shop/future beat mash-up);
Iris Garrelfs - best known for her emotive, improvised glitch-tech performances based around electronically manipulated and digitally warped voice sounds;
and DJ Trendraw & The Gypsies Dog …Experimental and Free Music, …builds compositions, using cut up pieces of vinyl and Tape (jumploops), plasters and wallpaper, CD/DVD artwork on a pair of Numark belt driven busking decks with unpredictable stabs of circuit bent feedback.